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Lunarpages Reseller Hosting


If you are looking at starting up your own web hosting company, it can be very difficult to get started. There are a lot of things that you need to consider, such as a place to host your website and servers to host other websites on. This can mean that it will cost a lot of money in startup fees, which will take months, if not years to gain back. Lunarpages is able to offer something that many other companies are not able to, a reseller hosting plan.

This is a great option for those who want to start their own hosting company or those web developers who are working self-employed and are trying to run everything from their own base. It is easily affordable at around $20.00 dollars per month and will offer everything that you could need. Then, once you have grown a little, you could look at using your own money to set up your own company properly.

The benefit of doing it this way is that there is still the 24 hour support from the team at Lunarpages. You are able to ask any questions that you have and find out how everything is run. You could even find out how the plan is set up to benefit you if you are really unsure.

Running a hosting company takes a lot of time and patience. There are many servers that you will need to run and if you just want to run a small web development company then it may be more hassle than it is actually worth. This is why Lunarpages has decided to offer this option. You can let them do all of the management work.

You will gain up to 200 GB of storage, which can mean that your business can really grow. Although bear in mind that this will mean a little more than the $20.00 dollars per month. You can also gain up to 1400 GB of bandwidth per month so you will not need to worry about the amount of pages and information that other websites have, which is beneficial if you are the one creating all of the websites.

Lunarpages likes to reward their customers and the owner of the account can benefit from $700.00 dollars worth of software when they sign up for this account. This includes software to create your own logo, a photo backup service, software to be able to update your website no matter where you are, even in your car and also software to be able to help you advertise your website anywhere on the internet. This is all something definitely worth taking advantage of.

If you do all of your work through content management systems, which saves a lot of time and effort, you can still use them through the reseller option. You also have the opportunity to use three different types of blogs, which can be used as pages or as sub-domains to keep your current and potential clients updated with anything new that you are planning.


There are many discussions over which is better, either shared hosting or dedicated hosting? The answer will be dependent on what you are wanting from your website. When it comes to Lunarpages hosting, you will need to consider whether it is worth paying extra for dedicated hosting when you can gain a lot of the benefits from other types.

The main gain from using dedicated hosting is that you are placed on your own server. This will mean that you have a lot more to work with, which means the addition of more server side programming and better functionality for your website. This is great if you are looking at running a website development business and will need a lot of space to show potential clients what you can do.

Dedicated server can also benefit large businesses or websites that gain a lot of traffic. The traffic can slow down a server because you are putting more pressure onto it. Those that are on a shared server with you will find this a major disadvantage. You could find that you are told that you need to upgrade to your own server.

The big disadvantage with using a shared server is all the other websites that are on there. You have no idea what others are doing and it can cause your website to slow down dramatically. Also, you have no idea what the security is like on a shared server, which means that viruses could seep through and affect your website. This is definitely something to consider, especially if you are storing sensitive information on ay databases, such as credit card details.

Problems with a server can take some time to fix and it can mean that your website is not available to the public during that time. A dedicated server will take less time to fix the solution because the problem can be spotted instantly. On a shared server, it can take some time to work out where the problem is coming from and which website and account is guilty.

However, jumping to a dedicated server can cost a lot of money and is often in the region of the hundreds per month. This will all depend on the need for your website and the type of server that you will need. There is another option that you can take: VPS hosting. This is similar to a dedicated server but you will have less bandwidth and disk space.

You may think that there is not enough disk space but there are two things that you will need to bear in mind. The first is that you do not really know how much space your website will really take up and the second is that you can upgrade on space if you really need to. It is sometimes worth opting for less and upgrading if you really need to rather than overspending and finding that you do not need everything that you have gained from the dedicated hosting plans with Lunarpages.


If you are looking at developing websites for a living and want to start your own portfolio, it can be difficult to find the type of web hosting that is the best for you. You will need to take a lot of things into consideration. Lunarpages will take everything into consideration for you and has developed a great VPS package that will suit any needs. This includes whether you want a Windows or a Linux server.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. You are placed on a dedicated server at a low price. From there you will have a set amount of space, usually around 1 GB, to be able to use to your heart’s content.

The best part about being on a VPS plan is that you can benefit from the use of the whole server. The problem with shared hosting is that you could find yourself being slowed down because of someone else that is on your server. By being on your own server, there is no one else around to affect you. Your website will run smoothly and your users will only suffer if they have a slow internet connection.

VPS plans also benefit from the use of a dedicated IP address, which means that you will not be restricted anywhere due to the information or the advertisements used on another website. Many countries, like China and places in Africa, block content on websites and they will do this through the IP address. This can put many people at a disadvantage because there is nothing that you can do about it if it is not your website.

There are two types of VPS plans and both are suitable for either Windows or Linux users. However, due to the amount that is available for Windows users, the plans are usually a little more expensive and should be something that you bear in mind.

Parallel hosting plans will offer less memory on the server but will offer more bandwidth than the Xen Cloud hosting plans. This is something that you will need to know to make the decision over which is more important to your website. However, the main benefit of Xen Cloud is that there are extra upgrades available if you find that you need it.

If you are struggling to decide whether to opt for Linux or Windows, you will need to decide what programming you are including within your website. Anything that is .NET programming will only be compatible with Windows hosting, which is the reason why you will be looking at paying more. You will also only be able to run Java programming with Windows, which can allow your website to do a lot more and a lot easier. More people now learn Java over any other programming language, so you will need to consider this.

However, you will also need to consider who you are reaching out to. If you are reaching out to the general public, then you will need to think about the systems that they will have and whether they are Windows compatible. However, if you are reaching out to specialist clients, you may find that they still run on Linux.


Running an e-commerce website can be expensive. There are not many companies that will offer you everything that you will need within the price of your hosting fee. You will usually need to pay extra to be able to use shopping carts on your website or upgrade to a dedicated server to be able to use as much server side programming as you want. This can mean spending hundreds per month. However, Lunarpages is able to offer you everything that you will need for as little as $20.00 dollars per month.

This is great news for those who are looking at integrating a shopping cart to their pages. You are able to choose from a list of different carts to see which works best for your site and which you prefer. You could try them all at different times to see what your customers think or you could just do your own research into the different types of shopping carts available.

You are also able to gain an unlimited number of e-mail accounts, which can benefit those businesses that are growing and becoming bigger and better. There is also a high quality spam protection along with the ability to upgrade to using Microsoft Mail Exchange, which means that you will be able to check your e-mails from your own mobile phone as long as you have the right application. That’s perfect for smart phone users and those who bought their phones specifically for business use.

Of course, security is on the top of everybody’s minds, especially when it comes to companies that store payment details in their own databases. There are many people that will want to hack into these databases but Lunarpages offers SecureLive with this type of hosting. As long as your website has never been hacked before, you will be 100 percent protected against criminals getting into your website.

You do not need to worry about setting everything up yourself and learn how to program everything. You can download a content management system, such as Joomla or Drupal, and use that to design and develop your website. This can put you at an advantage when it comes to saving money by not hiring a website developer.

You can also add blogs to your websites, which you can put within a sub-domain. This will mean that the focus is not taken away from your website’s main functionality but you can share a lot with your potential customers and clients. It is the easiest way to keep them updated with extra developments.

Of course, if you do not have time to manage your whole website and think that you will need to hire somebody to do it for you, you could spend a little extra money to upgrade to managed hosting. You will still get all of the same benefits but the extra money will go towards someone else running everything for you. You should see this as an investment because it will save you a lot of money in the long run.


When it comes to creating your own website, it is very tempting to show off everything that you know, including ASP.NET coding. While this is great for potential customers and clients, there are not many hosting companies that will be able to support this. However, due to a specifically designed package, Lunarpages is able to host your ASP.NET programming.

This type of hosting is known as Windows hosting, since it is only Windows that needs and uses ASP.NET. However, you will need to consider whether this is really necessary since you are looking at paying around $10.00 dollars per month just for this extra package.

You will have the ability to host an unlimited number of e-mail accounts, which can be beneficial if you are looking at running a large business. However, there will only be storage of 500mb included within the fee. You will need to pay an extra $5.00 dollars for every extra 100mb you need.

The Windows hosting offers you the same ability as basic and starter hosting, including the different shopping carts to add, dedicated IP address and an SSL certificate. However, there is much more. You will also be able to add MySQL databases, which can help with the storage of information. This is something that is needed for businesses.

You will also gain the benefit of the search engine optimization support. This is needed to help get your website to the top page of search engines so that people are able to find you. This can be very difficult to do on your own and you could really benefit from the extra support that you get 24 hours a day. However, do bear in mind that SEO can take up to nine months to get a website to the top page, depending on how far down the ladder they are.

You will be able to gain a free domain for a year by signing up. However, if you decide to take advantage of the 30 day money back guarantee, you will need to pay for the domain name. This will mean that you get to keep that domain name and take it with you to another website hosting company. This will save you a lot of time when it comes to setting your website back up and will mean that you will not need to change your URL address for your customers or clients.

If you live in the United States or Canada, you will be able to gain $50.00 dollars worth of Google AdWords credits. This can be used to help with promotion and advertisement. Unfortunately, due to tax reasons, this is not available to those out of the area.

You are limited to the amount of bandwidth that you can use per month, unlike with basic hosting where it is unlimited. This can mean that you will need to watch out for the amount of information you put on your website, the graphics that you use and the amount of pages you have.


When it comes to starting up a business, it can be very difficult to decide what you will need from website hosting. It is very important to think about your business and your website needs before you start looking at anything in particular. This way you can decide whether a certain company is able to offer you exactly what you need.

Once you have decided on your needs, you will need to look at all the options that are out there. While you want to keep the price down, you also need to ensure that you have enough benefits for what you want to do with your website. This will include your bandwidth and security protection. Lunarpages hosting is worth considering, especially if you can gain from the basic hosting which runs at less than $5.00 dollars per month.

The basic hosting, unlike its downgrade of the starter hosting, is able to offer unlimited bandwidth and disk space. This means that your website will be able to grow as your business does. You will not need to worry about whether you can fit that last page on or whether you can include your new video advertisement to the website.

Just like the starter hosting, you will be able to use videos and photographs within your website and even include Flash. However, you will also be able to add Shockwave to your website, which is the new, up and coming form of media package. Rather than just streaming the video and audio, you will also be able to add Real Time to your website, which is a major advantage to high-tech websites.

You will not need to create the whole website yourself as basic hosting benefits from having the ability to use and integrate a content management system such as Joomla or WordPress. There are many options that you can choose from and you could even find yourself adding your own created shopping carts rather than benefitting from one that Lunarpages offers you.

By paying the extra dollar per month, you will benefit from gaining phone support as well as e-mail support. This can be extremely beneficial if you have an urgent query or problem, such as the website being offline or a security issue that needs dealing with immediately.

You will also be able to use an unlimited amount of sub and parked domains. Sub-domains are perfect if you want to include a catalogue or a shopping side to your business. It will not take your website away from its initial use. The parked domains mean that you can link many different types of registered domains to your main website. That way, whenever someone types in one of your URLs, it will go to the exact same page. This will usually cost a lot more money however, and you will need to consider the fee for the domain registration.

Opting for basic hosting for a small business can really work. You can give your business the chance to grow while still learning about everything to do with web hosting. You will be in a win-win situation.


Not everybody wants a website that is going to earn them money. Some people like to have something up that is like an online business card or that will help them promote themselves. For something so small, Lunarpages starter hosting may be something that will benefit you more than many of the other options around.

Luckily, Lunarpages is able to cater for everybody. By offering starter hosting, it makes it more cost-friendly and affordable to get yourself started in the world of the Internet. There are not a lot of extras that come with this form of hosting, but for the price that you are paying, you definitely cannot grumble.

You can get hosting for as little as $3.95 per month, the same price as BlueHost (assuming you got a discount from, which is not a lot when you think about it. You will also be able to gain a dedicated IP address and the ability to restore your whole site if something happens overnight. This would usually come at an extra cost, but you will get this for no extra fee. Because you have the ability to gain the dedicated IP address, you can have SSL certificates, which will mean that your website is secure; this helps if you are planning on taking payments over your website.

You will gain support only via emails rather than the telephone, but the support is still 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The website is also monitored all the time to ensure its security. Also, even though you are paying so little, you will still have 99.9 per cent website uptime, guaranteed.

Even though you probably only want your website as an online calling card, there is the option of adding shopping carts. This is the reason for the extra benefits of the SSL certificate and the dedicated IP address. While you may think that you will not need this, it is something worth considering if you want to see your small project grow.

The hosting also supports the use of Flash, which many companies will not support. This can put you at a big advantage. However, you will need to consider that some computers will not allow you to install Flash. This will need to be something that you consider carefully; Flash could be worth using to show what you are capable of.

The start package also benefits from 5 different email accounts. This can be perfect if you are starting out with an extremely small business on a very weak financial base. You can also have the choice of two different web mail options and you will be able to check your email even while on the move.

Your website will also be able to use videos and images. This is perfect if you are using your small and low cost website to show off your video editing skills or your photography skills. It is the perfect way to pull in potential clients, since they will be able to see your portfolios without needing to ask for it.